Where are my xfce sessions stored?

After upgrading to Xubuntu 15.10 (I should write a section for this experience as well) I got aware of all my old sessions I stored to play around with different auto-start configs.

First question in mind was “Where are those sessions stored?”, second was “How to modify them or remove the ones I don’t need/like anymore?”.

Well, first I remembered about $HOME/.cache/sessions directory – and viola – here they are listed in some cryptic file names…
Anyhow – sorting the output with # ls -ltr you get very easy a clear picture what you should look into more deeper.


is the look and feel of my directory.

Either you delete all the files including the thumbs directory or you look inside the -file and delete the lines below [Session: Default|Whateveryournamewas] for each individual session.


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