MacBook keyboard options

You all know I am a big Unix & Linux supporter. That said I am working main time on a “standard PC” keyboard rather than a MacBook keyboard.

Now, I was wondering how I can delete to the right of the cursor position?

Here we are Lady’s and Gent’s:

  • delete 1 character to the left: Delete
  • deletes to the right of the cursor: Fn+Delete
  • Command+Delete: deletes a line
  • Command Key acts like the control key on a PC
    (command+c = copy, command-x = cut, command-v = paste, command+a = select, command+b = Bold, etc.)

How to Backup your Android Phone?

Well, it was a long story short … My younger daughter asked me to backup all her Fotos and Videos from her Smartphone with the glamour comment:  “Hey, am I or is it you Dad, who is the computer expert?”.

Oh, Yeah, I am the freak in my family, honestly I do my very best to be the freak. The point is I am using a MacBook Air as Laptop and a iPhone 4s as my private Smartphone. Yes, I had Linux on my old Laptop (just search here on my blog ;-)), but does this mean I am a freaky GoogleOS Android freak as well?

Short answer: I am! I am Dad! I fix it!

So, after all this pre-wording about me and my family… I opened my Bookmark History and searched for “phone” … Guess – I got 5 hints… Ha!

I can only say – please use “MyPhoneExplorer” written and maintained by Franz Josef Wechselberger!

I can do backup / Sync of contacts, text messages, calendar and files like photos and video from internal and external plus SD-Card to your Laptop!

Thanks a lot for maintaining this cool Software Mr. Wechselberger!!!



How can I show my saved passwords on my MacBook?

To be fair. I love working with my MacBook Air! The only feature I am really not happy with is the “You do not need to type in your mail password, never – ever – again.” feature.

I have really lost the password from my mind, just because I had never to use it again!

I do not know how to say it in simpler words than this to find your “lost” password again.

  • Open the Applications folder
    In that folder there is another one called Utilities
  • Open the Utilities folder
  • One of the items in that folder is

There you go …



How can I get a printer to show in the Dock?

Many times I use my printer scan feature and asked myself each time, How can I get the printer app to show up in my MacBook dock?

Simple Answer:

As printer apps are usually stored in /Users/username/Library/Printers/ you can easily open your Finder -> Go (menu) -> Go To Folder and drag the app to the Dock.

How to reset SMC on your MacBook Air

… or my Built-in Facetime camera is not been detected / not working.

I tried multiple things on Apple’s discussion Forum but the only thing which let my Camera appear back on Facetime & Photo Booth and in System Information was the following procedure.


First determine whether the battery is removable or not. Mac notebooks that have a non-removable battery include MacBook Pro (Early 2009) and later, all models of MacBook Air, MacBook (Late 2009), and MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015). Learn more about Mac notebook batteries.

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Creating a bootbale USB Stick from Xubuntu ISO file on command line (Update)

It took me some research to get this proved instructions to work for any kind of USB Stick and any Linux/ubuntu distro to boot from.

Any usb-creator GUI did not work (for me) and also caused some bugs…

[Current issue at the releases 15.04 and 15.10] There are problems with the Startup Disk Creator alias usb-creator, if you try to create a 15.04 boot drive from the versions 12.04 LTS and 14.04 LTS of Ubuntu. See this link to the release notes Unetbootin works from Ubuntu 12.04.5 and 14.04.2 (can make a working USB boot drive for Ubuntu 15.04), but the bug is still there in Startup Disk Creator (tested April 29 2015 (and October 22 for 15.10))

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WordPress 4 – Extensions, Plugins and my own theme (updated)

It is time for a new chapter about WP4 and it’s amazing features, plugins and extensions.

As this will be my first post about WP4 itself, please allow continuous updates. Fee free to leave a comment or send Mail with corrections and/or comments/updaten you think are usefull as well.

Unusual for me to start with the Software part, but it seems I have found some tools which needs to be mentioned upfront. The list is not the one and only, but a good starting point with multiple alternatives in the World Wide Web 😉

Popular Browsers:
  • Opera (
  • Google Chrome (
  • Mozilla Firefox (
  • Firefox add-on Firebug (
Usefull plattform independemt:
  • Brackets (
  • Gettext (
  • Gimp (
  • Coda 2 (
  • Mamp ( for Mac and or Win-GUI
Usefull Linux/Unix:
  • gzip & tar (build-in tools)
  • XAMPP (
  • PIWIK (
  • your preferred editor like ‘vi’ / ’emacs’ etc…
Usefull Windows-GUI:
  • 7-Zip (
  • Irfanview (
  • Mamp (
  • Notepad++ (

More to come …

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Screensaver in Xubuntu 15.10

Till 13.10 Xubuntu uses XScreenSaver as screensaver. In the rare case you installed xfce manually you may want to use

 sudo apt-get install xfce4-settings 

from the universe package to be able to use the settings manager.

In Xubuntu 14.04 onwards light-locker is default and pre-installed.

Light-locker and xscreensaver – to have both is not a good idea see BUG 1304128.

I personally prefer xscreensaver:

# apt-get remove light-locker
# apt-get install xscreensaver xfishtank xdaliclock

Which looks like this …

Have Fun!

Where are my xfce sessions stored?

After upgrading to Xubuntu 15.10 (I should write a section for this experience as well) I got aware of all my old sessions I stored to play around with different auto-start configs.

First question in mind was “Where are those sessions stored?”, second was “How to modify them or remove the ones I don’t need/like anymore?”.

Well, first I remembered about $HOME/.cache/sessions directory – and viola – here they are listed in some cryptic file names…
Anyhow – sorting the output with # ls -ltr you get very easy a clear picture what you should look into more deeper.


is the look and feel of my directory.

Either you delete all the files including the thumbs directory or you look inside the -file and delete the lines below [Session: Default|Whateveryournamewas] for each individual session.


How to share foto’s inside my private network? (draft mode)

The idea behind this post was born during Christmas prepare 2015. We wanted to print a photo on the back side of a calendar for 2016 and laminate it.

All we needed was the photo in a specific size on paper. Nothing easier than this, my first thought.
LOL, Yes … how to get the photo from my wife’s windows pc to my Xubuntu and size it with gimp.

here is my work list:
* enable samba share
* secured with user & passwd
* only useable within my private network
* no access from outside
* windows & Linux & mac boxes allowed

Give the default Xubuntu –> Settings –> Share Folders a try…Share_1