Windows is a GUI, Unix is an OS

Windows is a GUI, UNIX is an operating system!

By operating system, I mean the complete suite of programs, which make the computer work.
It is stable, multi-user & multi-tasking system for servers, desktops and laptops.

UNIX systems also have a graphical user interface (GUI), which provides an easy to use environment.

There are many different flavours and versions of UNIX. They share common similarities.

One of the most popular flavour of UNIX for me is Sun Solaris, followed by Linux and MacOS X.

Mount iso-file as loopback device


You want to mount an iso-image – but do not know how to …


mount /path/to-your/file.iso /<mount-point> -o loop

Update from Solaris People

lofiadm -a /root/haumichblau/gruen-ga.iso && mount -o ro -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt

should work for most Unix Flavours ….