Play MS-DOS games again

Back in the 1980s MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) for x86-based computers was the commonly used / main operating system for our personal computers we had.

Can you remember those fantastic games like “The Oregon Trail” or “Prince of Persia” and “Pac-Man“?

Well – thanks to the INTERNET ARCHIVE – we do have a chance to play those classics again.

Please follow these links and enjoy 🙂


WordPress 4 – Extensions, Plugins and my own theme (updated)

It is time for a new chapter about WP4 and it’s amazing features, plugins and extensions.

As this will be my first post about WP4 itself, please allow continuous updates. Fee free to leave a comment or send Mail with corrections and/or comments/updaten you think are usefull as well.

Unusual for me to start with the Software part, but it seems I have found some tools which needs to be mentioned upfront. The list is not the one and only, but a good starting point with multiple alternatives in the World Wide Web 😉

Popular Browsers:
  • Opera (
  • Google Chrome (
  • Mozilla Firefox (
  • Firefox add-on Firebug (
Usefull plattform independemt:
  • Brackets (
  • Gettext (
  • Gimp (
  • Coda 2 (
  • Mamp ( for Mac and or Win-GUI
Usefull Linux/Unix:
  • gzip & tar (build-in tools)
  • XAMPP (
  • PIWIK (
  • your preferred editor like ‘vi’ / ’emacs’ etc…
Usefull Windows-GUI:
  • 7-Zip (
  • Irfanview (
  • Mamp (
  • Notepad++ (

More to come …

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