Windows is a GUI, Unix is an OS

Windows is a GUI, UNIX is an operating system!

By operating system, I mean the complete suite of programs, which make the computer work.
It is stable, multi-user & multi-tasking system for servers, desktops and laptops.

UNIX systems also have a graphical user interface (GUI), which provides an easy to use environment.

There are many different flavours and versions of UNIX. They share common similarities.

One of the most popular flavour of UNIX for me is Sun Solaris, followed by Linux and MacOS X.

Mirror your Blog using ‘wget’

Sometimes you want to have your “How to…” section as offline resource with you, so that you can take and view it without internet access.
As wget was my preferred choice since late 1990 and early 2000’s I wanted to ensure I do save my brain once again.

Simple way is:

wget --mirror http://your-site.whatever

The more powerful & “I am no longer a greenhorn” way is to do it like this:

wget --mirror --convert-links --adjust-extension --page-requisites --no-parent http://your-site.whatever

As I need an explanation of the various options:

  • --mirror – the download will be recursive
  • --convert-links – The links to files that have been downloaded by wget will be changed to refer to the file they point to as a relative link
  • --adjust-extension – If a file of type application/xhtml+xml or text/html is downloaded and the URL does
    not end with the regexp \.[Hh][Tt][Mm][Ll]?, this option will cause the suffix .html to be appended to the local filename, same as for files of type text/css end in the suffix .css
  • --page-requisites – This option causes wget to download all the files that are necessary to properly display a given HTML page. This includes such things as inlined images, sounds, and referenced stylesheets
  • --no-parent – it guarantees that only the files below a certain hierarchy will be downloaded.

How to copy a directory with all subfolder/files to a new destination

  • Option A
    You can copy the content of a folder /theme to another existing folder /Theme with the command

    cp -a /theme/. /Theme/

    The -a option is a recursive option, that help you keep all file attributes.

    The . at end of the source path is a specific cp syntax that allow you to copy all files and (sub-)folders, included hidden ones.

  • Option B
    You can use cpio for this action.

    # find /theme | cpio -vdump /Theme

    Options -v = verbose dump = ensure all files inclusive all correct rights and permissions are copied.

Have Fun,

Wer braucht denn schon ‘ne FireWall

… wenn er iptables haben kann 🙂

So, bevor Ihr weiterlest, bitte erstmal den Link zur Ubuntu Help Seite für Iptables klicken und lesen. Wer das verstanden hat braucht eigentlich
gar nicht mehr weiterlesen.


Weil dort die Grundlagen sowie ein paar ganz wichtige Regeln für eingehenden Traffic für User wie mich beschrieben sind. Und wenn ich das kapiere
kapierst Du – Ja genau Du, der Leser dieses Blog’s – das auch. Basta!

Also wollen wir uns mal mit meiner iptables befassen.

"Alles was von innen initiiert wird ist erlaubt" + 
"Alles was von aussen initiert wird, wird silent drop erfahren" + 
"ssh von aussen erlaubt" + 
"Möglichkeit der Protokollierung, für debug Zwecke"

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