How can I show my saved passwords on my MacBook?

To be fair. I love working with my MacBook Air! The only feature I am really not happy with is the “You do not need to type in your mail password, never – ever – again.” feature.

I have really lost the password from my mind, just because I had never to use it again!

I do not know how to say it in simpler words than this to find your “lost” password again.

  • Open the Applications folder
    In that folder there is another one called Utilities
  • Open the Utilities folder
  • One of the items in that folder is

There you go …



How can I get a printer to show in the Dock?

Many times I use my printer scan feature and asked myself each time, How can I get the printer app to show up in my MacBook dock?

Simple Answer:

As printer apps are usually stored in /Users/username/Library/Printers/ you can easily open your Finder -> Go (menu) -> Go To Folder and drag the app to the Dock.