My first experience with a MacBook Air

Yes, I got a MacBook Air for testing purpose for 2 days in my hands. Nice design, low weight and cool Display.

Best is there is a Terminal which accepts Unix command line …
alt+7 = “pipe” – just in case you need it

External NTFS USB drive need some trick to get it read-write mounted, but works and easy.

TimeBackup is as easy as you ever wanted to have it for your M$-GUI.

Keyboard-shortcuts are available and free configurable, but you need some time to realize that you need to swap your brain 😉

Most things (so my first 30 minutes) are more smoother, just-do-it, less complicated as on M$-GUI.

Many free Apps are available in APP-Store … search on internet before you get crazy … and Open-Source is also available (LibreOffice, TinkerTool, BetterTouchTool, etc…)

I start to like those Mac “Things” 🙂



2 thoughts on “My first experience with a MacBook Air”

  1. I know you will love it. Cause it works. 🙂 The Best Unix Workstations in the world. With Vmware Fusion Pro you’re able to operate the Vsphere Servers.

    1. Yes, and I got a company iPhone 5s which works in minutes with all calendar / email etc work related stuff…
      The MacBook Air was for testing, I do have a ipad-mini meanwhile and it is great:-D

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