How to use gksu in Launcher bar

I was on the way to streamline my desktop and wanted to move some often used helpers to my quick launcher bar.

One of them is my ‘root’-terminal … well, Yes I do want to perform certain actions like fsck and apt-get on cmd-line without ‘sudo’. I know the risk of having a ‘root’-term!

Starting with Alt+F2 and:

gksu 'xterm -e top'

and after the password magically a small xterm with top do pop up.

More for the geeks:

gksu -u root '/usr/bin/xterm -T "root" -bg black -fg green -geometry 140x40'

And now as a launcher in my Quick Launcher bar:

/usr/bin/gksu -u root '/usr/bin/xterm -T "root" -bg black -fg green -geometry 140x40'

tada! it worked …

Have fun

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