How to Backup your Android Phone?

Well, it was a long story short … My younger daughter asked me to backup all her Fotos and Videos from her Smartphone with the glamour comment:  “Hey, am I or is it you Dad, who is the computer expert?”.

Oh, Yeah, I am the freak in my family, honestly I do my very best to be the freak. The point is I am using a MacBook Air as Laptop and a iPhone 4s as my private Smartphone. Yes, I had Linux on my old Laptop (just search here on my blog ;-)), but does this mean I am a freaky GoogleOS Android freak as well?

Short answer: I am! I am Dad! I fix it!

So, after all this pre-wording about me and my family… I opened my Bookmark History and searched for “phone” … Guess – I got 5 hints… Ha!

I can only say – please use “MyPhoneExplorer” written and maintained by Franz Josef Wechselberger!

I can do backup / Sync of contacts, text messages, calendar and files like photos and video from internal and external plus SD-Card to your Laptop!

Thanks a lot for maintaining this cool Software Mr. Wechselberger!!!



One thought on “How to Backup your Android Phone?”

  1. Hihihihih, ich musste grad so richtig in mich rein grinsen als ich das gelesen hab, ich bin zwar nicht der Daddy aber mir kommt das Szenario aus meiner Familie so bekannt vor… sowas lässt Dich auch über Zeuchsss.. wie Windows Phone, oder noch schlimmer Windows 10 stolpern.

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